Harley Qwednesday: Bud & Lou, The Star Wars Edition

These twin Massiff were found at the flea market and will be going to my oldest daughter, a new (but now lifelong) Star Wars fan! I had one of them back when it was originally released (they came with a Tusken Raider), but had no idea my then infant daughter would grow into a huge Star Wars fan, so most of my prequel Star Wars stuff was sold off years ago. I'm glad I found these guys again as the Massiff are fun monster/beast figures to have around even if they only appeared on screen for about two seconds.

I've dubbed these two guys 'Bud' and 'Lou' after Harley Quinn's Hyena (who were named after Bud Abbot and Lou Costello, natch).

Massiff are of course pets of the Sand People (Tusken Raiders). I also found at the flea market during the same trip a female and child Tusken Raider pair. I also had these two when they were released, in conjunction with Attack of the Clones' theatrical release.

They are cool figures; a neat, deeper look at the lives of the mysterious lives of the Sand People, but kind of morbid too as their only function in the movie was to be slaughtered by Anakin Skywalker.

The kid fits into the mother's backpack/basket and is also removable. Mom originally came with one of those Sand People sticks they wave around in A New Hope, but mine didn't have hers when I found her. At least she had her kid! Priorities!

The Massiff have actual metal chains connected to them. QUALITY!

They also have movable jaws.

I love these guys and had a lot of fun shooting them. I need to do a shoot with an in scale Harley Quinn before letting my daughter take possession of them! Or I need to figure out which Star Wars action figure could/should be modified into a Harley Quinn mash-up custom in order to pair her up with them.

Seeing Star Wars as a whole (Eps 1 thru 7) through my daughter's young eyes lately, I have to admit to gaining a new-found appreciation for the prequels and all the stuff they brought to the mythos. I'm bummed I gave up so many great toys over the years. I would have never done so if I thought my kid would someday care about it all! Thank the maker for the flea market and the fact that most of this stuff is not hard to come by today!