Thanks Jboy - and a chance for you to get free toys too!

The other day Jboypacman of Revenge From the Cosmic Ark and Invader From the Cosmic Ark offered me his Bane Collect and Connect arm component since he won't be building Bane and if there's any CnC I'd be willing to track down all the pieces for, it's Bane.

Today I arrived home to find a large box on my doorstep - way too heavy and large to contain a mere Bane arm.

Here's what it did contain:

WOW! Thanks Jboy! Clearly you are aware of my affinity for the Batman - and the biggest surprise here is the Batmobile from the Batman minis line! Perfect for the Fisher-Price Batman and villains, which I have already set up in the cabinet you see in the background.

Speaking of, since I already own a Fisher-Price Joker, Two-Face and Mr. Freeze, I am going to give those away right now to one lucky reader. Just answer the following two-part question by leaving a comment, the closest answer will win all three plus a bonus toy or two of my own to be added to the mix!

Ready? Okay: I bought two toys from the thrift store yesterday. One is from the Gargoyles toyline. The other is a Godzilla. Name the Gargoyles character and which Godzilla (ie Godzilla circa1968, Mechagodzilla '74 or other similar answer) - the first person to get it right or closest wins.

You have until Monday at noon California time (unless someone gets it right beforehand.) EDIT: Contest is now closed. Winner will be announced soon.

Go go go!


  1. My pleasure Eric and i hope you will enjoy everything. The Batmobile is actually from the Brave and the Bold line but does work great with the FP figures. : )

  2. I'd say Brooklyn and a classic Godzilla (grayscale) from Bandai

  3. I say, Godzilla 2000, and Goliath of course.

  4. I fear I may be out of my element but I will guess:

    Hudson and a Godzilla from Final Wars....

  5. Good guesses so far gentlemen. I will give you all a clue: One of you has one part correct!

  6. I'll guess Goliath and Mechagodzilla.

  7. Broadway and Godzilla from Final war. I just want the time machine!!!

  8. Okay, that's it! The contest is closed. I'll announce the winner soon.

    BTW no one guessed both parts correctly, and no one guessed the right Gargoyle!