Go Go Godzilla!

Another find at the flea market today was this spiffy retro old-school Godzilla.

UPDATE: He's clearly a knockoff, as attested by the fact that he has no manufacturer's name or date on him, only a circle on his foot that says "Made in China."

I am most curious about a date/timeframe for his release. I haven't found a similar one on eBay or online anywhere, so if anyone has seen this exact "Fakezilla" and/or has any more info or can point me towards a good Godzilla resource I'd really appreciate it!

Is that a Light Brown Apple Moth? They really ought to spray for those pesky things!

UPDATE #2: I contacted J.D. of G-Fan magazine looking for info on this guy, and he said he has the same one which he got it in Japan in 1987. He added that when he got him "Godzilla" was wearing a wedding dress and holding a flower bouquet! He believes it was released that way but also said it may have just been something added by the toy shop owner. He has since gotten rid of the dress and bouquet so sadly he had no pics.

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