King Randor and Scare Glow

Two gems from my recent flea market haul.

It was actually Randor that caught my eye when I saw the box. I had never seen him in person before and knew I had to have him. He's in unbelievable minty condition, whoever he belonged to must have gotten him near the end of their interest in the line, or they just didn't like playing with him. Scare Glow is almost as minty, and is another amazing find, as both of these guys are pretty hard to come by.

Randor is He-Man's father, and Scare Glow is the "Evil Ghost of Skeletor" (Redundant enough for you? You mean he isn't the kind, loving ghost of Skeletor? Or the ghost of bad, bad Leroy Brown?)

Anyways, I am excited to add these guys to my collection.


  1. King Randor looks like Burger King on Steroids! What are in those burgers!?!

  2. lol - he does look like that creepy Burger King. He's now officially scarier than Scare Glow!

  3. That was the very first thing I thought...I didn't know they made a "Burger King" figure, ha ha!

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    Thanks, Tommy

  4. Thats jitsu's breast plate on him

  5. Thats jitsus chest armour ,are you sure the figures original ?

  6. Hi Arjun,

    Yes, Mattel reused the same breastplate mold for King Randor as well.