More Dark Knight Viral Marketing Swag!

Another component of the Dark Knight viral marketing brings another box of goodies to my mailbox, I believe due to my recent "Batman sighting" submission at Gotham Cable News.

I received a small square box from "CFB" today. I thought to myself, "Who the heck is CFB?!?!"

I popped open the lid and discovered:


Inside was two logo stickers, two bumper stickers, and a note - Click image to enlarge:

As well as an uber-groovy keychain and pin!

My keychain was molded with a stunted top blade, but I just figure it's a "battle-damaged" version!

This amazing viral marketing campaign is obviously coming to a close soon, with the movie being released July 18th. It's been gobs of fun, I've met and interacted with many great people online and off, and I've netted some righteous goodies, including all three issues of The Gotham Times, a sweet bunch of Harvey Dent campaign materials:

and a couple Joker cards from the advanced screening of the trailer.

So keep your eyes on Citizensforbatman.org on July 8th, it appears there will be at least one more online viral push. If you're lucky, there may even be a shot at some swag!

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