"It's a Bird, It's a Plane...

...it's the nineties once again!"

"At least they gave me a haircut."

Ahh yes, the nineties. A tough time to be a superhero. Green Arrow died, Wonder Woman was replaced, Green Lantern went mad, Batman's back was broken, the Spawn movie was released (yes, the nineties were tough on fans too!)

However, all these events paled in comparison to what the last son of Krypton was forced to go through.

First Superman died. Then he came back...with long hair. Then he became a blue energy being. THEN he split into two separate beings, the aforementioned blue version and a red version of himself, as represented here from DC Universe Classics.

"The only thing dumber than a Red Superman would be a Red Hulk!"

Superman Red is part of DCUC Series Two. For reasons not entirely known, but likely stemming from the newness of the line and retailer/manufacturer under/over speculation, this series is pretty tough to find. I personally have not seen one single figure from series two on shelves anywhere. I had to trade with a couple friends to get mine.

And since Superman Red and Superman Blue are almost the same figure (only their facial sculpts are different...and their colors of course,) I almost didn't bother to track down Superman Red.

"I guess it would be wise to cancel my swimming classes."

I'm glad I did. He is actually superior to Superman Blue (his angry expression adds more emotion to the figure,) and his colors are bold and really stand out. All of the DCUC action figures have excellent articulation, and Supes Red is no exception. Lots of heroic Super-poses are possible!

The electric bolts on his arms are removable, but the bolts stemming from his back are not. No big deal there, the bolts all add a nice "something extra" to the figure and make him unique and visually dynamic.

He also came with the same piece of the Collect and Connect Gorilla Grodd figure as Superman Blue, so you don't really have to get both Supes to complete the line's bonus figure.

But I would highly recommend you get them both if you can. Aside from the greatness of the figure, the series is still going through retailer-related "growing pains." The difficulty in finding these may make them rarer than most, and the last thing you want to do is be the guy who says "I passed that one up and now I'm kicking myself!" which is the sad battle cry for many toy collectors.

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