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Two headed monsters were all the rage in the eighties. Imperial released a couple two-headed dragons, there were a couple two-headed Transformers (a Monsterbot and a Terrorcon spring immediately to mind) and I am sure there were many many more from all those crazy toy lines spawned from half hour commercials...err I mean cartoons.

Probably the most famous of two-headed characters was Masters of the Universe's very own Two-Bad.

Two-Bad is a pretty unique figure for an original MOTU. As was tradition, most Master of the Universe figures shared parts (legs, arms, torsos) between characters. As far as I am aware, Two-Bad's only "shared" component is his belt/fuzzy drawers region. (Just don't ask who he shares them with. HAHAHHAAA! I made a funny!)

He looks as though two separate monsters were squished together to form one powerhouse of evil. I'm not aware of his character's original MOTU storyline, but I'm pretty sure this was exactly the case in the MOTU cartoon of the early 2000's.

His legs and arms are unique to each "side" and his torso, having to host two heads, is completely unique as well, with his armor/chest-plate being molded on instead of removable like most other MOTU.

His "action feature," another staple of the original Masters of the Universe line, is also unique and quite amusing.

"Mom liked me best."


When you pull back on either arm and release it, a spring action allows Two-Bad to punch his opposite head in the nose! HA! That's just genius toy design right there. I never had Two-Bad as a kid, but found this guy at a flea market recently and am glad I did. Every now and again you just want to pop someone in the nose, but sadly that behavior doesn't fly in polite society. I suggest you get a Two-Bad figure and stick him on your desk at work. He's cooler than a stress ball or that ugly squeezy guy with pop out eyes. He's a one man barroom brawl.

And since this is an article about two headed creatures, I figured it ought to contain two characters. Because I'm silly like that.

So let us go from the most famous 80s two-headed creature to the most infamous. The Go-Bot Rock Lord Sticks 'N Stones:

From Wikipedia:

Rock Type: Anthracite (aka coal) and Magnetite

Bio: "Sticks 'n Stones are living proof that two heads are worse than one. They're constantly at odds with each other. But give them a single purpose-destroying good rocks-and they become an awesome fighting force. The very sight of them charging into battle with their Cactus Club and Double Duty mace is enough to send enemies flying home!"


First, let me say that I loved the Rock Lords as a kid. But...wow...what a lame idea. Creatures (not always robots...some were robots, but some were humanoid, and some were monsters) that "transformed" into...rocks.


And rarely were they convincing rocks.

Often they looked less like a rock and more like a monster in a yoga pose. But somehow they were cool, and I had quite a few. None have survived to still be part of my collection to this day (unless they're disguised as rocks out back, but you won't find me digging them up even if they were.)

Okay, that last part is a lie. I love toys, even the corny ones.

But Sticks N' Stones (ugh - even his name is lame!) was also part of a flea market find and therefore he has somehow defied all odds, as well as good taste, to become one of Toyriffic's finest once again.

"Ewww....you almost stepped in it." "Dang it...you forgot to put Panthro out last night!!!" "Did not!" "Did too!""Did not!" "Did too" "Did not!" "Did too!" "Did not!" "Did too!"

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  1. wow, i used to LOVE two-bad. wait, scratch that...i loved every single one of my MOTU figures! lol.