"I've got a friend coming who might be able to help. Should be here any minute."

That quote is from Batman: Year One. The best Jim Gordon story ever told. It is the final line in the story, and was paralleled very closely in the final scene of Batman Begins. With nine days to go before The Dark Knight hits theaters, I figured I'd focus this entry on Gotham City's best cop, and arguably, Batman's best friend.

James Gordon is the closest thing to a father (besides Alfred, who could be argued to be the closest thing to a mother) Bruce Wayne has. His character is pivotal to a complete understanding of Batman. His character was handled extremely well in the animated series (as was everything about that now classic cartoon,) and he was voiced with strength and heart by Bob Hastings.

I love James Gordon. So in 2000, when another Batman Animated themed box set was released - The Gotham City Enforcement Team - with an exclusive James Gordon action figure, I was all over it like guano on a cave floor.

Gordon is lacking his trademark overcoat, and came with two ridiculously oversized handguns as accessories. That's fine...it was clear that these sets, with "exclusive, never before seen" figures were akin to Hasbro-house cleaning. They were most likely popping together prototypes and other pieces that had been acquired over the years and trying to get them out while the fire was still hot, or at least lukewarm. Purely business, I'm sure, but as a fan, how can one complain? They were giving us stuff that we would never have seen otherwise.

Gordon is right on target to his animated series look. He also greatly resembles my grandfather.

He has a shoulder holster molded to his side...which makes up for a lack of a decent gun...although I did give him a gun from a Playmobil cowboy. I cut the barrel down to give it more of a police issued look.

Also in the set was a re-issue of the animated Batgirl, which when first released was all day-glo or snow-camo or something ridiculous. She also was originally released with a glider, so her hands are molded like she's revving her motorbike. Nothing wrong with that, except the fact that I haven't found a motorbike that suits her. Her colors in this release are closer to her cartoon/comic appearances, and she's not a bad figure at all.

I loved the scene in Batman Begins where we see into Gordon's apartment, and his wife is feeding their infant son. It really makes a connection between the source material (the comics) and the film.

Barbara was later adopted by the Gordons, after her parents (Jim's brother and sister-in law) died or something like that. Later still, Barbara becomes Batgirl. While I don't see any room for a Batgirl in Nolan's universe, I really hope we see young Barbara in some capacity, or at least get a reference to Jim Gordon having a daughter in The Dark Knight.

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  1. Definitely...The animated series figures were also right on target just like the show was. The only issue I would've changed is the fact that they were so stylized. Of course that's what gives them their originality but I'm fine with a more basic, realistic look rather than everything looking art deco.

    I think Oldman was a great choice for Gordon and I agree, I'd love to see Babs show up in the next Bat-Film.

    I actually refrained from buying this set for ONE reason. Batgirl's cowl was bright blue. It never made sense to me because there's hints of blue in her cowl in the series but it's never colored as fully bright blue. It just seemed odd.