Can He Walk At All...

...or if he moves, will he fall?

In honor of tomorrow's (9/30) release of Iron Man on DVD and Blueray, ToyRiffic presents the Mark-I armored Iron Man movie action figure!

This action figure, based on the movie design of Tony Stark's first Iron Man armor, is simply gorgeous.

The design is a perfect blend of the original comic book concept, believable "real-life" components, and the steam-punk feel of a war suit put together in a middle eastern cave.

Details abound, and the figure is at least as mobile as the real deal, so you can get some realistic, lumbering poses.

His head doesn't move (or at least mine doesn't) but that's fine, the guy is a mess of metal plates, gears and drive belts...he won't be doing yoga any time soon.

He also comes with a little "fire" projectile that shoots from his wrist.

Mark-I Iron Man was part of the first release of movie action figures that came out before the film hit theaters, but you can probably still find him in some stores.

I know this figure will soon be released as a re-paint in yellow/gold as an homage to the comic books, but any fan of the movie and Iron Man in general needs this movie accurate version.

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  1. Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duhnna, duhnna, duhnna, duhnna, duh, duh, duh...

    That is a sweet figure, I never picked it up, got one for my son when they arrived at stores, maybe I'll check the toy aisle when I pick up the DVD!