I Am Iron Man, Too.

I guess we should just keep the Iron Man theme rolling here at ToyRiffic. My daughter is beside herself that her "favorite superhero" movie is being released on DVD today (although she will probably have to wait a few more days to get it.)

So today we'll take a look at the Target exclusive "Repulsor Red Prototype" Iron Man action figure.

The figure, while merely a repaint of the Mark-III movie action figure, is very cool because it is representative of the Silver Centurion armor from the comics.

The simple silver and red color scheme is very nice and quite flattering to the sculpt. The silver is applied in all the right places.

The sculpt itself is great - based of course on the excellent designs of the movie which were the perfect blend of comic book and movie magic in my opinion.

These Iron Man figures are some of the best movie based figures I've ever seen, and the awesome thing about Iron Man is that the repaints actually make sense from a story telling perspective (unlike BMX Batman and Part-Time-Job Robin.)

This Iron-Man came with a rocket launcher that attaches to his wrist. It too is just a repainted accessory from the standard Iron-Man action figure.

There's a surprising amount of articulation on these figures as well, with double elbow joints, knees, ankles, wrists, torso, shoulder, hips and head joints. The huge range of motion is probably due to the fact that it is based on a real suit that had to allow a decent range of movement for Mr. Downey, and adds to the realism and playability of the figure.

These Target exclusives have long dried out (unless they see another wave due to the DVD release) but the standard Mark-III Iron Man can still be easily found at retail, and if you don't already have one I highly recommend you get one when you toss the movie into your cart...starting today!


  1. I passed on this when I saw it, I was never a fan of the silver centurion armor and I was looking for the Mark III at the time. Still it's a nice piece.

    Side note I was really disappointed by the amount of Iron Man figures on the shelves at the local Target when I went to pick up the movie, you think they would have stocked up, so still no Mark I, LOL!

  2. I agree, you would think they'd be pushing the product a little harder, but it also may be because it's actually quality stuff and very popular, which caught the store merchandisers off guard.

    Sad, especially when you consider the fact that a blind mute could be shoved down any toy aisle in anytown USA and come away with an arm load of Speed Racer toys.