Go Daddy-O!

This new Transformer release is just about as hot as his paint job. A Wal-Mart exclusive, he's available now and I think I paid something like $7.77 for him a couple weeks ago.

"Big Daddy" is a repaint of Transformers Cybertron Downshift. Downshift was a Transformer I always regretted not getting when he was in stores, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this new release recently. The name and color scheme is borrowed from a Micro Master Transformer, and while Big Daddy isn't exactly a term used in the seventies, it still matches the Hot Rod attitude of this vehicle.

Not representing any specific vehicle, he's an obvious homage to Chrysler offerings from the early to mid seventies, like the Duster.

He's a solid, good looking vehicle and has very little "kibble" or hanging components that shout "hey, I turn into a robot!"

As a matter of fact, someone uneducated in the world of Transformers could almost completely overlook him as a Transformer toy in vehicle mode. Which is kind of the point when your catchphrase is "Robots in Disguise."
On top of the whole "turning into a robot" thing, Big Daddy also has an action feature. When you place a "key" in the back window a "catch-claw" pops out of the grill.

The key rests on the trunk,

and inserts when you flip up a little section of the rear window.

Big Daddy also comes with two rocket launchers that can be attached to the rear fenders.

He looks like something out of "Mythbusters."

The missile triggers also look a little like fins, which just add to the coolness of this design.

In robot mode Big Daddy is just as beautiful. He has the vehicle front end/chest look that a lot of the original G1 characters share.

He's also surprisingly poseable, something most G1 figures, make that all G1 figures, do not share. His missile launchers can be held like guns...

...or mounted on his shoulders. The orange/black color scheme is simple but effective. It's better to under do it than to over do it.

His head sculpt is an homage to G1 Wheeljack. He even has those clear ear-like flaps on the side of his head. I don't know why they never released this figure in the colors of G1 Wheeljack, but if they did I'd buy him again.

His catch-claw feature works in robot mode as well.

This Transformer is a beautiful design, clearly made by someone with a love for cool Hot Rods and the original G1 Transformers. He even has seats and a steering wheel visible through his windows. Now that's attention to detail!


  1. It took me months to realize you can put those cannons on his shoulders. Great toy repaint. I like the 1st run green, because it reminds me of my mom's old Nova.

  2. I agree Dan, that first release in Green was awesome because the color was so period perfect.

    I may have to track one down on eBay.