Mamma Said Knock You Out!

Today's ToyRiffic toy is none other than boxer-turned-superhero Ted Grant, aka Wildcat!

Wildcat is one of the original members of the JSA, or Justice Society of America, and he debuted in the January 1942 issue of Sensation Comics #1.

Like Batman, Ted Grant has no super powers and also like Batman, he was co-created by Bill Finger (along with illustrator Irwin Hasen.)

It has also been ret-conned as comic book canon that Ted Grant trained a young Bruce Wayne in the "sweet science" when Bruce traveled the world before becoming the Batman.

This DC Direct figure came out sometime around 2000 I think. He was pretty hard to find at the time, I had to call and visit many comic shops before I found one that had him in stock, and he didn't hang on many shelves for long.

The sculpt is awesome but pretty simple, he's basically in a skin tight body suit and that's it. He's also sculpted in a pretty static pose, only his arms can really be repositioned and still look okay.

But that's fine, as Wildcat is always ready to bop someone in the nose.

Wildcat also had some awesome appearances in the JLU cartoon, and was released as an action figure in their toy line. Maybe the JLU Club Blog would like to share him with us all, and if not I can always whip mine out later ;)

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  1. At first glance this almost looks like a DCUC figure, doesn't look as stiff as the usual DC Direct stuff, also could be the awesome photos that make it look way cool.

    JLU Club Wildcat feature, I could see that happening sometime, I'd like to feature a few of my favorites on the club site, just have to dig them out of a pile of totes that they are temporary stored in at the moment.