Holy Hell's Angel Dollies, Batman!

We went to a couple school rummage sales this morning, and at the second stop I found this Mego Batcycle and Mego Joker too!

My intern helped me with today's photo-shoot whilst sipping her smoothie. It's how we roll.

Neither of these are in pristine condition, but they are in surprisingly good condition. The Batcycle has broken handlebars (the right handle is completely missing) and Joker's right hand is barely hanging on, not to mention his missing jacket and shoes. The batcycle has plenty of scuff marks but surprisingly many (if not all) of it's original stickers too. And while Joker is missing his jacket and shoes (which can be replaced via the aftermarket) his bodysuit is in very clean shape.

And the piece-du-resistance...they were only fifty cents each!

Did I mention that my intern helped me with the photo shoot?

It's actually pretty funny having a muscle-shirted Joker driving the Batcycle! I can imagine Joker tearing off his sleeves as he speeds away on his stolen vehicle! "HAHAHAHAHA Seeya later, cheesy rider!"

The details of this find are all a blur to me, I was so excited! It is very rare nowadays to find Mego in the wild, and even more rare to find them so cheap. The last time it happened for me was when I found a Mego Robin for five bucks, and that was nearly four years ago.

As for today's find, there was a corner of the school gymnasium 'dedicated' to toys, which is to say there was a space on the floor with toys spread about (read: dumped) and kids meandering (read: wallowing) within the pile. I don't remember if I spotted Joker first, or the Batcycle, but when I did I nearly plotzed! It wasn't until a few minutes of perusing the rest of the mess that I discovered the side-car too!I'm so ignorant of Mego I wouldn't have known (but should have known intuitively) that it even came with a sidecar, so thank the maker I found it and reunited the two halves.

I looked and looked, but could find no sign of any other Mego goodness.

My intern, ladies and gentlemen!

"Booorn freeeeeeeee!"

"Sleeves? Where we're going, we don't need sleeves."

"Hey Batsy! I left you a little gift in your sidecar HAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAA!"


  1. Holy crap! Nice find, especially at that price.

    1. At that price I would have been CRAZY not to buy them!

  2. Broken or not at those prices you scored some gems Eric congrats!

    1. I try not to buy broken toys, but sometimes even I have to break my one rule!

    2. "And this morning, I'm going to make you break your one rule"- Mego Joker

  3. Now that is something I can get behind! I love it! I would have my sewing gal be doing a jacket for him immediately if I had found it.

  4. Excellent finds. Even if they were in worse condition, at that price I'd take two!

  5. I have that same rule when it comes to broken toys, but I would have bought them as well. Great scores.

  6. Dang man, nice score! I'd love to have a Mego anything, and for 50 cents!? That's just awesome!

    BTW, your intern is just the cutest!