Doomsday is Coming!

"Doomsday is Coming" was the catch phrase that hearkened the approach of a violent new adversary, and the subsequent beating-to-death of Superman, back in 1992.

Doomsday first came to toy store shelves a mere three years later - take a look at the Doomsday action figure that Kenner produced in 1995.

"Hulk SMASH!

Lulz - just kidding."

This Doomsday really is a great figure. There is quite a bit of detail, and he looks just like he does in the comics.

I really like how they painted his bony protrusions silver. Not totally accurate to the comics, but the color really punches out the detail in the sculpt.

Doomsday's pose is pretty static. His arms move up and down and his waist and neck twist, but that's it. However this sculpted pose does allow him to stand very well. Even with all that bulk he isn't likely to tip over, and he's extremely solid.

This guy was released in a two-pack with a "Hunter Prey" Superman figure, from the comic book storyline about the re-match between these two titans. I don't recall reading that one, but I'm pretty sure I know how it turned out.

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  1. Awesome figure! We've been trying to find Doomsday around here but no such luck.... yet.