Hunter-Prey Superman by Kenner

Yesterday I re-posted my 1995 Kenner Doomsday action figure  as a 'Toyriffic Classic' post. What is a 'Toyriffic Classic', you ask? A 'Toyriffic Classic' is a very old post that you may have missed the first time around (for instance, the Doomsday post was originally from 2008!) that may be relevant again today. On occasion I plan to re-post something from Toyriffic's illustrious past, possibly with some editing to remove dated references or mistakes or bad jokes or whatever.

So what made Doomsday relevant again, you ask? Jeez, you're just full of questions today!

Well, my parents were doing some housecleaning and came across my Hunter-Prey Superman from the 1995 Kenner two-pack that included Doomsday!

Superman wasn't actually 'lost' or 'mis-placed' I had put him up on a shelf in my Dad's garage back in 1995 because he was not cool enough of an action figure to keep on display but he was too cool an action figure to get rid of outright.I had only really bought the two-pack for Doomsday, you see. And this Hunter-Prey Superman is all 'nineties', with leg belts and pouches and straps a-plenty.

But the figure does have his charms, especially now that the nineties are over and we can wax nostalgically about them.

I do like that the 'S' symbol is printed on the back of his cape. A silly design decision (hey, is that guy in the red cape in front of me in line really Superman, or just some other red cape clad superhero? Oh, I see an 'S', so it's Supes all right!) but something I can appreciate being done by the toy makers, since I am sure it's cheaper to skip altogether.

From what I vaguely remember from the toy's packaging or the comic included with it or wikipedia or my own fever-dreams, Superman had obtained a 'Mother-box' from New Genesis, which enhanced his costume (possibly integrating itself directly into said costume). Lacking any fashion sense whatsoever, the Mother-box created this costume for Superman to hunt down and defeat a resurrected Doomsday.

Hey, it could be worse. He could be sporting a mullet!


  1. The chest straps are screaming 90s Cyclops at me

  2. I used to use him as an Age of Apocalypse Superman. Yeah I did Marvel and DC crossovers.

  3. Mother-Boxes fashion senses are only limited to those of The New Gods which would explain this costume lol.