I Don't B'wana Grow Up

Finishing my review of the new Target JLU "Legends of the League" six pack (skipping over the re-released Superman,) I have saved the best - I mean Beast - for last.

B'wana Beast that is! Boooyaaaaah!

This guy's appearance in animated form was completely out of left field. B'wana Beast gives new meaning to the word "obscure" - he doesn't even have an entry in the DC Comics Encyclopedia - yet he not only had a small but cool speaking role in an episode of Justice League Unlimited, but he now has an action figure as well.

Unbelievable, and a true testament to the line.

B'Wana has only appeared in a handful of comics since his creation and subsequent "cancellation" one issue later in 1967. He wouldn't appear anywhere in the DC universe again for almost twenty years!

The cartoon and figure design are spot-on to his comic book look, all the way down to the loin cloth.

B'wana Beast's power comes from his magical helmet which allows him, among other things, to merge two animals into one...making him the perfect companion piece to my Mixed Up Zoo Animals!


"Cat and alligator, merge to form Catagator! Now go forth and scratch up some furniture...in the sewer!"

"Horse and Cat, merge to form Kittiorse! I'd bet on you to win the Cat-Tucky derby! Haw!"

"Dachshund and deer, merge into Dachseer! I shall dub thee horn-dog!"

"Rabbit and alligator, merge to form Rabbagator! Wait until Zatanna pulls you out of her hat!"

"Together, we are invincibly cuddly!"


  1. That is by far the best one in the pack! Thanks for showing these off, I can't wait till they start making there way into Texas!

  2. Oh yeah, I just noticed the new header, that is awesome!

  3. Thanks re: the header CB!

    Yeah this set really caught me off guard, I had no idea it was coming out or available, and with $25 bucks burning a hole in my pocket I jumped on it faster than $#!t through a goose!

  4. Wait... where did you get those mixed up animals? Those are freaking me out!

  5. Reis,

    More information than you could possibly want (and all the information in the world about them) can be found at my Mixed Up Zoo Animals blog:



  6. i never heard of this guy, but it's awesome that they made a figure of him. LOVE THE NEW HEADER!!!