Deathstroke of Genius

I was able to add another elusive DC Universe Classics figure to my collection on my birthday, thanks to my daughters who got me Deathstroke!

Deathstroke is from DCUC's Series three. I am now only two figures away from completing this wave (Nightwing and Sinestro) and once I have them all I will also have all the components of the Collect-and-Connect Solomon Grundy!

And to think, some people are already finished finding series four and (the Wal-Mart exclusive) five! Sheesh - I am so behind!

Deathstroke is extremely well armed, which is apropos of his full moniker - Deathstroke: The Terminator!

With a name like that, you can be sure this guy doesn't groom poodles.

Deathstroke comes with a large assault rifle, a staff, a sword and a handgun. The rifle has a strap so it can be slung over his shoulder, the staff can be locked into place on his removable bandoleer, his sword has a sheath connected to his belt (which may or may not be removable, I didn't want to risk breaking it,) and his pistol can be slipped into a holster which can actually be snapped closed!

This guy means business! Yet he's predominantly a villain for the Teen Titans. All that firepower and he can't take down a bunch of kids? Okay, so they're all superpowered kids (except the one or two who were trained by none other than Batman!) so I guess we'll let that slide.

Deathstroke is one of those comic book creations you just can't help but love - due to the "11" he registers on the Goof-Factor. The colors, those boots, the Rambo-envy - and he does it all with only one good eye!

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