Crimson Fox(y Lady)

Another new JLU release from the exclusive "Legends of the League" six figure set mentioned yesterday is Crimson Fox.

Crimson Fox is not crimson, nor does she resemble a fox in any way, shape or form. That's okay; Spider-Man looks nothing like a spider, Robin looks nothing like a robin, and Wolverine looks nothing like a wolverine, among countless others.

Then again, Green Lantern is green, Blue Beetle is blue, Red Tornado is red...and Crimson Fox is brown.

Maybe she's color blind.

Oh well, she's a fun and obscure character and a welcomed addition to the JLU action figure roster. She is also, like the Deadman figure I posted yesterday, currently only available in an exclusive Target six figure set.

The good news: five of the six figures are brand new, so you only get one redundancy (Superman.) And for $19.99, that's cheaper than buying them at the individually carded price point even if you factor out Superman.

So stay tuned to Toyriffic all this week as I post the remaining figures from this great set!

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