Diver Down

The final non re-paint Popeye in Mezco's Popeye toyline, and one of the last I procured to complete my set, is also one of the funnest.

Deep Dive Popeye:

Deep Dive Popeye came out with series three in 2004, and along with Scuba Bluto and Alice the Goon was the only other figure in the set that wasn't a mere re-paint. Series three was also the last series of Popeye action figures Mezco would produce, which is a terrible shame.

Deep Dive Popeye is a gorgeous figure with a super-awesome dive helmet that looks just like something he would wear in the cartoons.

There is some part re-use from earlier figures, but it's in all the right places and he in no way feels like a cobbled together figure. The torso and belt are original to this figure, and the suspenders and helmet base are molded directly to it.

The dive helmet is insanely neat, with rivets and hinges and little plastic "windows" that you can see through...

...and open! Yes Popeye has his pipe, even under water. My dad was a chain smoker when I was a kid, which is one of many reasons Popeye has always reminded me of me pappy.

The helmet has cool details too, like a piece of patch "metal" hammered to the back, presumably over a previous leak. Safety first!

All three windows open to reveal Popeye's pretty face...

...at least, I hope that's his face!

The helmet is also removable, as are the lead boots. The positioning of his head is a bit constricted by the collar, but who cares.

Also included with Deep Dive Popeye is a treasure chest, a buoy and a hose. The hose is supposed to attach to the top of the helmet but the small plastic tip broke the first time I tried it.

The treasure chest was also released with Poopdeck Pappy in series two.

Open it up to reveal Popeye's true treasure...gold dubloons, triploons, and quadrooploons!

Oh yeah, there's a removable can of spinach in there too.

The can has a small tab on the side...

...so you can pop the spinach up for healthy snackin' action!

Say goodnight Bluto, it's clobberin' time!


  1. That is an awesome figure there Eric! If I ever find one of these I will snap it up faster than Whimpy snaps up a Hamburger!

  2. They can often be found on eBay - I got this one and Scuba Bluto each mint on card for about twenty bucks total a few months back.

  3. Ahhh Ebay, of course!

    sounded better than... duh, Ebay, man where is my mind.