Bed Bath and Batman Beyond

I still haven't found the DC Universe Classics Batman Beyond figure from wave four, and at the rate I am finding DCUC figures it'll probably be about 2015 before I finally do!

Thank goodness I have this Batman Beyond to keep me company:

Batman Beyond told the tale of a future/replacement Batman, taking place long after Bruce had retired. It was an exceptional series with a truly lackluster toyline.

Seriously. As far as I remember this was the only figure you could buy during the entire run of the series that actually looked like Batman Beyond. The rest were dayglo neon transluscent craptastic. It is therefore the only figure I ever purchased from the line.

This figure truly is great, which by comparison to the rest of the junk line makes it a holy idol of biblical proportions! As you can see, his wings can be connected to his wrists so he can expand them for flight, or they can...dangle. Well at least they can be expanded for flight!

The likeness is spot on to the cartoon style and character design as well. Articulation is extremely limited which was par for the course back in the late nineties, so kudos to the designers for making his shoulders spread out in a cartoon accurate movement.

As an added bonus, he even has removable ankle jets to recreate the flight sequences of the cartoon. Spiffy!

Eat your heart out, Iron Man!


He also came with an oversized but appropriate batarang...

...which he could hold...

...or could mount into a small backpack type doohickey that attached to his back. Maybe the wings could be folded into/behind it as well, I don't remember.

Regardless, Batman Beyond was a great cartoon and is a pretty cool toy. It's too bad the line was poorly handled, as there were many great villains that could have been made.


  1. I picked mine up from a toy show a couple years back, hands down the best figure in the BB line!

  2. It sure is! I'm also looking forward to the BB themed releases coming soon in the JLU line.

  3. Oh man, I remember the god-awful Batman Beyond toy line but I never saw THIS one *weeps*