Teen Titans GO!

I posted earlier about select Ross stores selling Infinite Heroes three packs for dirt cheap.

I was heading to my new home the other day and discovered a Ross mere blocks from my house, so of course I stopped in to see if there was anything I hadn't found at the last Ross. Well Ross comes through again with another $4.99 three pack - this time with a Teen Titans angle!

The three pack I found this time includes two good gals and one villain. Let's start with the villain; Captain Boomerang:

This isn't the original Captain Boomerang; I'm no Flash rogues gallery expert, but I did read Identity Crisis and I believe that was the storyline that brought the original Captain Boomerang's son into the role.

This dude has got a lot of boomerangs. Seems excessive for a weapon that's supposed to come back to you - I mean it isn't like they're ninja stars fer chrissakes!

Crikey, that's a lot of boomerangs, mate! But regardless, it makes for a pretty cool design and a nicely sculpted figure.

Along with Cap. B. came two Teen Titans; Raven and Starfire!

I actually saw Starfire recently as a single, and nearly bought her.

Starfire is well sculpted and painted and appropriately larger than her other female counterparts. But what really sets her apart is her hair:

Not only did they do a great job representing Starfire's famous locks, but they painted them with a fade to represent her flaming hair powers or whatever her schtick is in the comics. Keen!

Last but not least is Raven. I know little more about Raven than what little I saw on the sometimes tolerable Teen Titans cartoon, but I like her look and her Infinite Heroes figure is really cool too. The only problem I have is that she has a raven on her chest, and I don't think that is comic accurate, but I could be wrong. Regardless, she's very cool and another fine addition to my ever growing Infinite Heroes roster.

I would have gladly paid $4.99 for any of this set individually, so finding them at that price for all three is awesome!

This new set brings the Infinite Heroes tally to:

Infinite Heroes: 11

Infinite Villains: 2 (Hush finally has a friend!)


  1. I like Captain Boomerang and Raven. Can the captain boomerang's boomerangs be detached from the costume?

  2. The boomerangs are sculpted in.

    I panicked when these were first announced and preordered a whole bunch online including this pack, the GL/GA/BC and the Supergirl, Superman, Wonder Girl three packs along with a few singles for my kids. While I am glad I did (because it seems rare these days that our local WalMart or TrU get ANY new toys), seeing so many on clearnace at local KMarts makes me worried about the future of the line...

    Also, my daughter was pleased that there were female figures (unlike the new Marvle series...so far)

  3. LEon, they are sculpted on and the effect is pretty cool!

    MOCK! I agree and I fear the toy companies/stores' ability to sustain this line with the way it's been presented so far (impossible to find figures and pegwarmers - with no in between!)

    IMO all the one's I've gotten would be worth the regular price, but a deal is a deal and makes them that much sweeter!

    I also agree that the major flux of female characters is awesome, and they all look real good IMO.

  4. THanks for replying Mock and Bubbashelby. The boomerang fool me as it look so 3D. LOL

    I don't think this toy line will end, at least not so soon. However I do feel without discount, the prices of the toy are expensive.

    End of the day, consumers get to benefit from such discount.

  5. Starfire's face/neck look kind of weird although not bad overall. Raven looks really good.