Tobes of Hades lit by flickering torchlight

An ardent Masters of the Universe fan, I had until recently not taken the plunge into the MOTU Classics line. Primarily, I was turned off by the difficulty in obtaining them from Mattel's exclusive online shop Mattycollector.com. Toys, and all residual actions regarding toys, should be fun. I've been caught up in the "gotta have it" fervor of the past, and just had no inclination to get into it again.

But through a recent toy trade I finally came into possession of two MOTUC figures - Skeletor and Mer-Man (more on him later.)

Skeletor was one of the first releases in this line, so I am sure you've read and seen plenty about him, so I'll just show off some groovy pics I took.

I will say that he is impressive in person. A little bulkier than DCUC figures, but still in the same general scale - kind of like how Arnold Schwarzenegar is in the same scale as you and me. Which is how the Masters Universe should be - these guys are built!
Skeletor comes with his goat head staff, a "full" sword and a "half" sword ala the original MOTU release.
The MOTU Classics Skeletor is everything he should be, amped up just a bit. The perfect marriage between modern action figures and an eighties character we all grew up with. This action figure is what we THOUGHT we were playing with back in 1983!

I really want Scareglow, the next offering going on sale in mid November. Skeletor will be re-released soon as well, with the only change being the packaging. So if you missed out on him the first time around, and you are an opener, avoid the scalpers and pick him up when he becomes re-available.

There has been a lot of talk about the price of these guys as well, but now that I have one in hand I can say that it's worth it. I would never be a completist of this line at the going price, but getting a few must-haves is certainly worth the pursuit.


  1. Those new classic Masters figures are pretty cool from what i have seen of them how much are they going for? And do you plan on getting any more if you can get your hands on any?

  2. jboy, they are $20 with appx. $8 shipping/Handling tossed on top of that - and they usually sell out within an hour of going on sale, on a Wednesday at 10am PST - or something ungodly like that. I just have no stomach for the toy collector feeding frenzy anymore.

    I do plan on getting more though - this trade went well so future trades are always an option to get a couple I missed out on; and I may dip my toes in for Scare Glow but I won't lose sleep if I'm not ravenous to get him on the sale day either.

  3. Wow the collectors are going wild over these and with good reason but am glad i don't collect toys anymore.

    Good luck getting a hold of those figures Bubba and i saw pics of that Scare Glow and he looks very cool.

  4. It is so sad I couldn't get such figure in SG. Even if it does, it cost a big bomb. Gone were the days when I get my He-man for less than SGD $10...

  5. Skeletor calls his "goats head staff" a Havoc Staff because he's trying to be badass. Eric, c'mon, don't you think Skeletor would sound like a big blue weenie if he ran around Eternia referring to his "goats head." lol...I won't even get into the soft purple velvet on Panthor. He might as well become a crooner at the local Eternian night spot! http://toyriffic.blogspot.com/2008/09/panthor-and-skeletor.html

    I can't wait for the re-releases of He-Man and Skeletor...hopefully I won't get shut out this time!

  6. But Jay, "goat head staff" is so Rolling Stones, and you know Skelly is a huge Keith Richards fan!

    Plus, I totally forgot it's called a havoc staff.