Space Goofs in Christmas Disguises from Carl's Jr.

Get a load of these three wise...um...men?
Beneath these three yuletide exteriors...

Beat the hearts of Halloween whatzits - these ain't no ordinary Christmas baubles!

Actually these guys are called Space Goofs or Stupid Invaders or Les Zinzins de l'espace depending on what country you see them in. A cartoon that flew completely outside my radar, I had never heard of them before finding these Carl's Jr. fast food premiums at a garage sale last weekend. Released in 1998, they're marked "Gaumont" and "Saban," which was the only way I was able to track down who they are.

Dressed as a Christmas tree is Gorgeous Klatoo.

The two-headed snow man is Stereo Monovici's disguise.

Etno Polino rounds out the trio as jolly old St. Nick himself.

Their disguises clip together in two plastic halves, encasing solid pvc figurines inside. Here's nude Stereo.

Gorgeous Klatoo. Hubba hubba.

And last but not least, Etno. Pucker up, buttercup.

Apparently there are two more Space Goofs, and two more toys in this series: Candy Caramella and Bud Budiovitch. I'd love to add them to my collection; I have a spare Gorgeous Klatoo and a spare Stereo Monovici, so if anyone out there wants to make a trade email me!

In the meantime these guys make the ultimate fall decoration - I take them out for Halloween and don't have to put them away until after Christmas!


  1. Yeah i remember seeing the cartoon on Fox on Saturday mornings and there is even a SEGA Dreamcast game of it that plays like the old LucasArts games for the PC if am right.

  2. Funny, Etno actually looks cold.

    "Nude Stereo". That goes on my List of Band Names


  3. Hello, I need to buy some. You can contact me? Thanks