My blood runs cold...na na na nana na...Cy-Kill is the centerfold!

I was visiting my parents a couple weeks ago and I came across a couple of my old GoBots magazines. I brought them home figuring they'd make a great blog post, and since I posted about a GoBot yesterday, today I bring you GoBot Magazine's Premiere Issue cover date Winter 1986 (released late 1985,) in it's entirety!

Well, not quite, I don't have the Collector Poster anymore. But the rest of the magazine is here. Click each picture to embiggen, if you wish.

Premiere Issue! Collector Poster! Meet Leader-1 and the Guardians! Sweet!

And check out Leader-1's nonchalant expression as Cy-Kill gives the GoBots logo the finger.

A big Tonka truck ad on the inside cover - GoBots were distributed by Tonka, but by the time I was buying GoBots I was done with Tonka Trucks. So that ad's a waste.

Greetings from Leader-1 on page 1.

Published by Telepictures Publications, Inc. - I wonder if any of those people still put "GoBots Magazine" on their resumes...or if they ever did.

Muppet Magazine probably had a more successful run than GoBots magazine, I'd wager.

Fan letters. I can't help but wonder about these people, what are they doing now, and do they still look fondly back on their letter or art being published in GoBots Magazine as a high point in their life? Look, you can also subscribe to GoBots Magazine. I didn't.

More letters and art. Do you think Matthew Kramer of Grand Forks North Dakota is a graphic designer today? Oooh, and look at that spiffy watch you can get if you can choke down a Charleston Chew!

Finally, some articles. Movie Previews talks about Legend (a classic,) and Young Sherlock Holmes (a...whatever.)

Yipes, this one gives me pause;

"Special Event: It's not every day you can launch your teacher into space. Well, Concord, New Hampshire, high school students will watch it happen when their social studies teacher blasts off with astronauts on-board the Space Shuttle Challenger on January 22, 1986. Sharon Christa McAuliffe, who was chosen from 11,000 teacher applicants, will keep a journal about her space experience. Yes, but will she be tested on what she learns?"

I remember that day vividly. My Fifth Grade teacher Mr. Avery wheeling a TV into the classroom, "The Space Shuttle...it exploded."

No it didn't!

"Yes...it did."

Sorry, back to the magazine.

A High Tech report on robots.

We've come a long way since 1986.

Page 17 begins "The Blast of Doom" by P.E. King (what is he, a duck?) and R. Reese. I wonder if those are real names?

Oh those silly Renegades.

Leader-1 trying to get me to subscribe again. Is he on commission?

Leader-1 shows Dr. Braxis what's what, and the Statue of Liberty needs saving.

An article about "Explorers" starring River Phoenix. I loved that movie...I wonder if it's available on DVD. Probably not.

"If I Had a Robot..." state the stars of 1986. It should have been "If I can see my future..." Daryl and River would have both benefited from a little more forward thinking.

Word search. Looks like I found them all. In record time too, no doubt. The Jetsons (with Orbity) and Galtar! The funtastic world of Hanna-Barbera indeed.

Finally, the back cover. A glowing bouncy ball. Wait, the glowing bouncy ball people had an advertising budget?

Well that's it. Feel free to enlarge the pages and try to enjoy the magazine...because I have one more issue that I may or may not grace Toyriffic with, depending on how many cries of "Yay" or "Nay" I get on this one ;)


  1. Ok this is pretty neat! I did not know they had a GoBots magazine.

  2. A Yay for me.

    I remember that Space Shuttle explosion too... I watched that news on TV... I used to love that space shuttle but after that, I kinda lost that interest...