Everybody Must Get Stonedar

The 80s apparent fascination with rock-based action figures was either a stroke of updated Pet Rock genius, or proof that toy designers were flat out of ideas by the ends of both the Masters of the Universe and GoBots toylines.

"Nuthin' here but us rocks. Move along."

While I admit I DID buy into the Rock Lords faction of the GoBots (and had quite a few of them I might add,) I had moved on from MOTU by the time Stonedar made his appearance. There was another character called Rokkon who was more boulder-ish, while Stonedar looks like a meteor or some type of space debris. Both transformed in the same fashion into mighty Masterrrrrrs of the Universe-erse-erse-erse!

Stonedar's "change" is actually quite inspired, and his joints all move nice and free in much the same way most MOTU figures did, so he could probably sit in some of the vehicles and certainly fit right in with the castle playsets. Unfortunately his hands can't really grip anything so they designed him to have a satellite dish type weapon that clicks into his belly (which I don't have.)

He has a rather odd space-man ish look to him, but he is still pretty neat and clever and if I were still into Masters of the Universe when he came out I would surely have wanted him. Thanks to the magic of the swap meet, I have him now. Yay swap meet!

Next up is another recent swap meet find, Magmar - Evil leader of the bad guy faction of the Rock Lords.

I didn't have Magmar as a kid, but I did have Sticks N' Stones who I previously blogged about, so now my sole Rock Lord has a leader!

"Rock on."

Okay it's your turn; commence with the cheesy rock-based comments like "this post rocked" or "Magmar rokksors my sokxsors!"


  1. I had Magmar. I wasn't even really into Go-Bots, but my mom ended up getting me the rock robot. He was cool enough I guess.

    And like you, Rokkon and Stonedar were toward the end of my MOTU interest as well. I think I wanted them, but got into the Snake Men instead.

  2. I like how you can roll these guys up and quarry them around in your pockets...only taking up a mineral amount of space.

    I wouldn't spend more than a few pebbles on them, though, because that first figure has a bit of rock-tarded look on his face. I'm stone serious about that. I'm sorry to be so blunt but I'm getting a bit boulder, these days.

    They are cool figures, though. I wouldn't take them for granite, if I were you. They might leave and you would have to beg and gravel to get them back.

  3. Transformers, GI Joe, Go Bots, He-Man and the like all hit just as I ended my toy playing phase as a kid. I still had money to collect comics, but not enough to buy the more expensive toys.

    However, I just showed this post to my six year old and he responded with "NOW I know what I want for Christmas."

  4. The Rock Lords was a interesting ideal i guess but i wonder why they decided on transforming rocks?

    I mean wasn't there something else they could of picked like animals or something? I guess the rocks just fit better with the Go-Bots than it would of with the Transformers lol.

  5. Justin - I was out even before the Snake Men, so I didn't even get any of those. I do have King Hiss now though.

    Bria A - WIN! Your response had me (rock and) rolling!

    MOCK - haha - that's awesome - let me know if I can be of assistance :)

    jboy - the rock concept always had me scratching my head too - even though I bought into it! And MOCK's son's response nails it - apparently transforming rocks hit some primal nerve.

  6. I did my best. :)

    It's hard to follow "Everybody Must Get Stonedar."

    That's funny.

  7. I know that I had some sort of transforming rock guy, but I can't for the life of me remember which one it was, or even which line it was from. This calls for research!