I'd Glady Blog This Tuesday but I'd Rather Blog Today.

I've posted a few of my Popeye action figures in the past, and have often claimed I would roll them all out someday. Well, that day has finally come. Behold!

Yup, that's everything. The only figures from the series I don't have are a repainted Popeye, Bluto and Olive Oyl as well as an exclusive (FAO Schwarz, I believe) three figure set of the trio in "black and white." But as for original/non-repaint figures, I have them all!

This Popeye series of action figures began it's run in the early 2000s. They started out available at Toys R Us where I found the first series (and maybe other places too,) and then became more and more difficult to obtain as the series continued on and finally ended around a third release (which was mostly repaints.) They were manufactured by Mezco Toys.

I worked hard tracking everyone down from this series, and a straggler or two took me a few years to finally acquire, but I did it and I am pretty proud of my Popeye collection - one of the finest series of action figures ever made in my honest opinion. So without further ado, let's run down the figures individually, shall we?

We'll start small. Swee'Pea was actually released as an accessory along with Olive...

...and repainted in a blue sleeper when released as an accessory along with Alice the Goon.

Eugene the Jeep was an accessory released with J. Wellington Wimpy.

The main man, Popeye the Sailor. This was the first Popeye released in series one, in his classic sea-faring outfit. Popeye has a waist-twist punch action feature ala classic MOTU action figures. His pipe and hat are removable, and he came with a bunch of accessories including an anchor, a can of spinach or two, a picture frame which reads "Me Pappy," a set of shark teeth...

...and a removable muscle (read: muskle) with a battleship tattoo.

A personal favorite, the series two featured Poopdeck Pappy. Pappy came with a treasure chest (which contained a can of spinach, natch) and a hammock. His hat and pipe are also removable.

Olive Oyl is a "bendy" figure and has a removable hat and a purse. Olive was released in series one. She also came with Swee-Pea and a heart-shaped picture frame with Popeye on one side and Bluto on the other. The Harlot!

J. Wellington Wimpy came with Eugene, a tray full of burgers, a couple loose burgers of various levels of consumption, and a meat grinder. Wimpy came out in series one.

Series one Bluto came with a barbell and 2000 lb. weight. He has an "upper-cut" punch feature when you lock his right arm back and click a button on his back.

One of the last original figures to be released and the rarest and hardest to come across is Alice the Goon. Alice came out in series three with a repainted Swee'Pea. Alice's hat is not removable.

The Sea Hag came out in series two, with her vulture Bernard and a magic flute accessory.

Pea Coat Popeye was inspired by the Robin Williams live action Popeye film. He came out in series one. His hat and pipe are removable and he has a "twisker fisk" feature - you wind his right fist up and it spins when you push a button. Pea Coat Popeye also came with a treasure map, a duffel bag...

...and a removable muskle tearing out from his coat sleeve.

Deep Dive Popeye from series three represents Popeye in a classic diving suit. His helmet is removable as are his lead shoes. He's even smoking a pipe under there! He came with a buoy and hose attachment as well as a treasure chest with spinach in it (repainted Pappy accessory.)

Scuba Bluto from series three came with removable scuba tanks and a knife and sheath that straps to his arm or leg.

Series two's Sailor Bluto came with a torpedo and a bomb. His action feature is the opposite of his "regular" release - his arm snaps back and swings downward, "throwing" his objects instead of an upper-cut motion.
Series two's Sailor Popeye came with one of the best accessories yet - a huge fist that can snap onto any Popeye figure. He also came with a U.S.N. bucket and mop. Of course, his hat and pipe are removable.

Bernard was released as an accessory (or companion) with the Sea Hag. he can be removed from his perch.

Finally we have Storm Gear Popeye from series two. Storm Gear Popeye came with a ship's wheel and piece of the deck, as well as a bent telescope with an eye bulging out of it and an octopus and star fish, and a can of spinach. His hat and pipe are removable.

Well, that's it, my entire Mezco Popeye action figure collection. Now to find a shelf upon which to display them all together.

"Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb!" (Sorry, the bomb accessory was just too perfect - I couldn't resist!)


  1. Awesome review! I didn't know they have such popeyes' toys around and so complete in accessories. Not much older cartoons gets to have such a detail figures.

  2. What a great set! If I were you I'd be really proud to have these (as I'm sure you are). Thanks for sharing these.

  3. Awesome set of Popeye figures.

    I'm insanely jealous....

    Nice 66 Batman reference! Hilarious.

  4. Lol at Batman...

    Great collection, I wasn't aware they could be so many.

    I mentioned it here: http://actionfiguresbuff-jon.com/complete-popeye-line-of-figures/

    So how much did you struggle to get Alice?

  5. I am in awe of your Popeye collection. I also have to agree that these are by far some of the best figures / toys around, I really dig the two in my collection. Great post.

  6. Seeing all of that makes me aware of how hard it must be to make figures from very stylized characters. They did a great job on Alice The Goon.

    And, since I say this every time something Popeye shows up anywhere: Popeye was not in the Navy. He was a Coastie ;)

  7. Too Sweet! Great collection and i had no ideal they even released Popeye action figures thanks for sharing them with us Bubba.