Solomon Grundy, Blogged on a Monday

Batman: The Brave and the Bold is (to no regular Toyriffic reader's surprise) my favorite show right now. The character highlights on the program are nothing short of encyclopedic, and the action figure line is following suit with many surprise additions, including this undead fellow here, Solomon Grundy!

Zombie Hitman Solomon Grundy, to be precise. How cool is that? A zombie, and a hitman!!! A great mash-up for a kid's toy if I do say so myself!

Solomon Grundy's action figure looks a little bit more menacing than his cartoon appearance, having more facial detail than the animated character design and a darker color scheme.

The sewn lips are there, a character trait unique to the Brave and the Bold Solomon Grundy. Does anyone know the significance of sewing someone's lips together? Is it a mob thing? UPDATE: The ever informative Reis from Geek Orthodox has informed me that sewing the lips shut is common burial practice to keep the mouth from falling open when rigor mortis fades.

Grundy comes with a cool Tommy Gun that his over-sized petrified hand can hold with the help of a small peg on the gun's handle.

The gun also has the hex-peg the Brave and the Bold action figures are notorious for, so it can be plugged into the holes on Solomon Grundy's arms and legs (as well as on the arms and legs of other Brave and the Bold action figures.) While most of these configurations will be avoided by us "adult collectors," stowing the gun into the hole in Grundy's back actually looks pretty cool.

"Gff afeffd, mffk mff dff!"

In an astounding turn of good luck for Mattel, Solomon Grundy's legs are intentionally sculpted in an inward twisted pigeon-toed fashion, so he'll fit right in with all your gimpy JLU figures!

Grundy is a great action figure for any Brave and the Bold fan and will be hard to resist when you see him on the toy aisles (if you can, you're a stronger man than me.) And how can any red blooded American parent resist giving their kid a Zombie Hitman for Batman to punch around?

I found him at Target, as part of the most recent release of Brave and the Bold singles. Target is charging $7.79 for him, not a bad price for such a bulky and unique figure.

Solomon Grundy,
Born on a Monday,
Christened on Tuesday,
Married on Wednesday,
Took ill on Thursday,
Grew worse on Friday,
Died on Saturday,
Buried on Sunday.

This is the end
Of Solomon Grundy.


  1. Awesome! I haven't seen him yet!

    Oh, and sewing the mouth closed is common practice in preparing a body for burial. It keeps the mouth from falling open for the showing once the rigor mortis fades. They still do it to this day. (I have a friend who is an embalmer in a funeral home, and he has answered all of my gruesome questions!)

  2. Thanks for the info, Reis - I'll update my post :D

  3. This wins an award for best blog title of the day (that day being Monday, of course).

  4. They say Brave and the Bold is a kid's line... I like it over plenty of other stuff out there.

  5. Very nice looking figure even with those "bolts" on his sides.

    Bubba by the way did you picked up that RubberNeck/Plastic-Man/BatMan combo pack yet?

    Saw it the other day and i had to play with it in the store just to see how rubbery Plas real is lol.

  6. I've seen it Jboy, I just haven't picked it up yet. It seems pretty plentiful around me so I will be able to get it soon.

  7. Aaaaagh!!! Another must-have figure in this line.

    Great version of Solomon Grundy.

  8. Damn, first a stretchy Plas and now THIS!!! Man, I was doing so well... Hope we could get these at retail.

  9. Today is the first I'd heard of the BatB Solomon Grundy... and now I must have him... and I really need to catch up on that show!