Sympathy for the Devil Ray

My recent JLU score also contained Devil Ray:

Why they couldn't call this guy Black Manta is beyond me (damn lawyers,) but there's no doubt about who he is supposed to be. Devil Ray has a great head sculpt, and a neat scuba/propulsion pack on his back, as well as many fine painted on details...

...including "guns" painted on each of his forearms. Nice touch!

Black Manta Devil Ray looks good next to my Superpowers Aquaman which I recently acquired in a toy trade.
Classic Aquaman all the way - this Superpowers action figure has an "action feature" like all figures in the line. Aquaman's legs "kick" when you squeeze his arms for fast swimming action!

Hmmm, these guys are fun together. I think I need a bath. I'll just take these guys into the bathroom with me so no one steals them. Yeah, that's it.



  1. Is he called Black Manta on Brave and the Bold? I can't remember.

  2. Yes jboy, he's Black Manta in the B& the B cartoon. Weird that he couldn't be called that during JLU.

  3. "According to writer Dwayne McDuffie, the reason behind the name change is because the rights to Aquaman characters were not available at the time, as they were being used for the Aquaman TV pilot." (During the Justice League Unlimited run only)

    This is from Black Manta's wiki page. I always assumed it was due to an attempt at some sort of racial sensitivity, considering the character is literally a black man... but that appears not to be the case.