Psycho Pirate Qu'est-ce que c'est?

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Finishing off our look at my recent JLU score, today we take a look at Psycho Pirate!

Psycho Pirate is a pretty basic mold as far as JLU figures go, but his costume is dynamic and fun and corny all at once, so he's a great figure to have in my JLU villain line-up. As a character, Psycho Pirate has been around since the Golden Age and the days of the JSA, making him an even more fun figure to have in the JLU lineup.

The one re-paint in this pack was Lex Luthor, but since I didn't already have him it was okay by me. This figure represents Lex as he appeared later in the series (or in the Silver Age of comics) and gives Lex more of a mercenary look to him instead of the fat old business-man look many associate with Mr. Luthor.

His holstered gun isn't removable but is a nice touch nonetheless.

Finally (since I gave the lone female figure of the set, Tala, to my daughter) my JLU set yields Dr. Polaris. Dr. Polaris has the power of magnetism, which explains the magnet on his chest "Sir, umm, what does the "U" stand for?"

I like this corny costume as well. Dr. Polaris has recently appeared on a couple episodes of Batman the Brave and the Bold but his costume is much more menacing, covering his face in a medieval looking helmet and eliminating the confusing "U" magnet symbol.


  1. Psycho Pirate is great I love how he has no expression in his face at all.

  2. Love them all Bubba! That Lex is how Lex should be and not in a 3-piece suit i have always felt.

    Love that they gave old Dr.Polaris a action figure and in his original cheesy costume to boot.

    Psycho-Pirate is my favorite in the bunch just wish he had his golden "Medusa Mask" as a extra with him.