Fisto, meet the Fisto

As a kid, I really thought Fisto was one cool cat.

I didn't own him at the time, but a dude with a massive gauntlet on one hand whose sole purpose was to wallop the evil forces stacked against the Masters...that's my kind of guy!

To be honest, I have owned a Fisto figure for a couple years. But he is missing his armor. And hear me now but believe me later, Fisto without his armor looks more like he belongs in a parade in San Francisco than in the army of Eternia. I think it's the mustache.

But as (my) luck would have it, I found a bunch of MOTU at the swap meet last weekend and in the mess was a complete armored Fisto! And near mint too, he must not have been that kids favorite. He's missing his sword but seriously, this dude doesn't need no stinkin' sword!

Fisto not only has the standard waist punch feature of most MOTU, but he has an upper-cut action on his gauntlet clad arm too. Whammo!

"Hey sailor, wanna smooch?"

"I don't kiss on the first date, Mick Jagger, and I always insist that my date take me out for a meal. So how about a knuckle sandwich?"

"Wow...whatta man!"

Included in the pile of toys I got last weekend was Leech. He's a member of Hordak's Horde.

Leech's action feature is a button on his back that allows him to "suction" to the wall.

I never had Leech as a kid either, but for completely different reasons. You see, I always thought of Hordak and his Horde as "girl toys."

Hordak and the Horde all tormented She-Ra on her cartoon. And She-Ra was a girl's cartoon. Ergo, Hordak and his cronies were girls toys. And I wanted no part of them. My little sister insisted on watching the show of course, and I hated it. Although I always found Loo-kee first.

But I digress.

I even had a friend who had all the Horde figures at the time. He would play with them when we played MOTU and I thought it was odd, as the Horde were clearly girl toys, but whatever. Be the Horde - it allowed me to be the good guys anyways. By the way, this kid also sang show-tunes during elementary school talent contests. And today he's active in his local theatre. True story. Proving I was correct about these Horde "guys" all along.

Anyways, now that I am an adult and willing to give even dollies a chance at a happy home with me, I am also willing to give the Horde a chance and have welcomed Leech into my home with open arms and an open mind.

But if he tries to kiss me he's out.


  1. So... You got a He-Man figure that looks like Roger Hazard who is called "Fisto," and one whose known only for his suction power. No Dorothy & Toto? ;-D

  2. Well they did insist on listening to The Indomitable Miss M during the photoshoot.

  3. I think Fisto is a favorite of a lot of people including me...Giant Fist and a awesome "Stash"! lol.