nananananananana no evil shall escape my sight!

From the episode of The Brave and the Bold entitled The Eyes of Despero! When the Green Lantern Corps needed Batman's help against the intergalactic despot Despero, Sinestro (he's still a GL here,) Guy Gardner and G'Nort work a little power ring magic in order to give Bats equal footing:

Cool is right. And you know what's cooler? This:

Yeah, they actually made an action figure of Batman as a Green Lantern!

Actually called "Sky Shot Batman" because the people who work at toy companies are so out of touch with what they produce and the people that buy it, it's mind boggling, this figure is an amazing addition to the Batman: The Brave and the Bold action figure line-up.

In addition to looking like this figure stepped straight off the screen, Bat Lantern comes with a power ring constructed jet pack and helmet that both look Bat-inspired, and not like things thrown in to weigh down the toy and justify the price. Yes, you heard me, a cool accessory for a change! It even fires a missile which is also made of translucent green plastic. Seriously, this is how you do a toy right! If I taught classes on how to create variants of a character, I would hold this S.O.B. up for an hour and then say "class dismissed."

The "handles" are a pliable plastic, and they attach to the helmet to give a space-suit type feel to it. Of course he needs to breath! And of course Batman would construct a jet pack with the power of the ring. Propulsion envy.

Finally, all that stuff can be removed giving you a Green Lantern Batman exactly as depicted in the cartoon. I absolutely love how the Bat symbol and GL symbol have been integrated into the costume.

My only quibble is a minor one and has more to do with the plot of the cartoon than the figure itself. Since Batman's GL suit is powered by other GL rings (not one worn by him) he does not have one of his own, and the figure also does not have a GL ring. I may have to paint a green dot onto one of his fingers to "fix" that. Otherwise this is an outstanding figure for any fan of the cartoon, or of Green Lantern, or of Batman... hell, if you don't love this toy you have no soul.


  1. Love that smirk on his face....I gotta go check and see if any new episodes or available On Demand. The kids and I are stilling singing "Music Meister".

  2. MOCK - A new episode plays (or in your case starts now!) tonight on Cartoon Network!

  3. Or may be over - I did my math wrong assuming you are on the East Coast.

  4. Batman doesn't need a space helmet. Batman can breathe in space.

  5. That's pretty danged cool!! I love that Brave and the Bold has come into its own. I really need to get caught up with it. Is it bad that I geeked out when I read the name G'Nort, though?

  6. I stand corrected, Mario ;)

    Wes, you are not alone. I geek out at the rate of about once per minute when I watch an episode of B and the B.

  7. I'm glad you finally got that figure!

    And yes, TB&TB is a geek out show!

  8. This figure is EPIC! I keep seeing him at Target and passing him up. Maybe I need him for the Bat-collection. Hmmmm...

    I know you've been waiting for this dude for a while, so it's cool to see you got him. :)