YesterToys: Toys I didn't have Edition

Thunder Thunder Thunder - Thundercats...HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

(Sadly, those are not mine.)

It may shock and amaze Toyriffic readers to learn that during it's initial run, I had absolutely zero Thundercats toys and no interest in getting any either.

Now don't get me wrong. I watched the cartoon every afternoon. And I appreciated the toys for what they were, giving them their due respect at my friend's house who was mad for them and had them all. But by the time the cartoon and toyline were hitting their stride, the appeal of scantily clad steroid abusers was over for me, having thoroughly ridden the wave of MOTU from day one.

I was moving past that sort of thing, into robots that turned into vehicles and household appliances dammit - I was no longer a boy, I was a man!

I really liked the cartoon, and I loved the the execution of the concept, maybe even moreso now that I am going through my second (third? fourth? did the first one ever end?) childhood. I do have a Panthro now, my favorite character of all (although I couldn't find the box he's hiding in before this post) that I found at a yard sale a couple years back (which prompted me to do some sketches,) and I do see some of the third-tier characters pop up at the swap meet from time to time. But I haven't really taken that plunge into the kitty-pool quite yet.

There is one thing that would get me diving in head first, however:



  1. It never too late to fall in love with THundercats....HO!!!!

  2. Great write-up! Always good to see some Thundercats attention. I didn't really appreciate them when I was a kid, either, even though their show was actually fair advanced compared to many of the other cartoons, other than Snarf, of course. Stupid Snarf. I've got to get around to getting some of these toys back eventually.

  3. I was a big Thundercats fan as a kid. I didn't have the Cat's Lair but that angered me less than not having the Eternia playset from MOTU. I actually did have most of the Thundercats toy line. They were well made. I didn't have the mummy version of Mumm-ra though since he was a mail away I think. They were really well done, right on target with the MOTU line...and in some respects even a little better.