I Horde it Through the Grapevine

I've discussed in length my aversion to Hordak and the Evil Horde in previous posts. Essentially, I always saw them as girl's toys due to their status as villains in the She-Ra cartoon. As such, I never owned any of them as a kid.

As an adult, my aversion to girl's toys has waned (dollies notwithstanding,) and cheap swap meet finds always help ease one into uncharted territory as well.

I found a near complete and pretty well conditioned Hordak at the swap meet a few weeks back. I must admit he's got a really cool design and a great color scheme. He looks pretty darn mean, alright!

My Hordak is missing his cape and a bat wrist band accessory, but he displays well enough with just his armor and the crossbow weapon many of the Horde preferred.

He's no Skeletor, but I guess when you're up against a bunch of girls and that twinkie Bow, you don't have to bring your "A" game.


  1. Always liked this figure but i agree with you he is no Skeletor.

  2. Dude! Hordak is by far the superior bad guy! I had his toy as a kid (got him in a trade) and never thought of him as a strictly She-Ra character. He's like a darker version of Skeletor if Skeletor had gone through high school listening to lots of Black Sabbath.


  3. Also, if Skeletor turned into a stupid rocket and flew away whenever girls showed up to kick his butt, Reis. Don't forget that part ;)

  4. Team Skeletor: Jboy and Bubba

    Team Hordak: Reis

    Who's Side Will You Take?

    I think we have a start of a great battle here on Toyriffic so everybody pick a team and lets see who wins?..For fun.

  5. Team Skeletor! I like that. Team Snore-dak can suck it!

  6. Okay look, Hordak has an actual HORDE. You can't have a horde and not be a badass. Besides, Hordak's skull is way bigger than Skeletor's! And we all know that it's skull size that separates the men from the boys.

    And Skeletor had a crappy cartoon voice. BOOYA!

  7. Hordak's skull is deformed. He has elephantiasis. Okay, so he was in a movie with Cher. That still doesn't make him cooler than Skeletor!

  8. Hordak is a middle man who answers to Horde Prime, and he turns into a vacuum cleaner. Skeletor manages to be considered the biggest threat on Eternia while being surrounded by a competent witch and a bunch of freakish morons. Skeletor doesn't need robots or the ability to turn into something that lets him flee better. Team Skeletor all the way.

  9. Oh yeah, well, try this on for size...


    I rest my case.

  10. Skeletor is confident enough that he doesn't have to color his bat symbol a different color. Or wear depictions of himself all over his body and weapons. Or snort like a pig.

  11. A valid point, Reis, but Wes makes the point that Skeletor too has a demon bat on his chest. He's just less obvious about it.

    Were they both walking in a dark alley, and Snipe-Or got a bead on them, Hordak would be the first to fall.

    Point: Skeletor!

  12. Eric - I just saw that I wrote a very similar comment on the latter Hordak post. BTW - what's with Hordak's figure's gray parts not being BLUE? That always bothered me. I'm not afraid to admit that I had Hordak and the entire Horde as well as BO! lol BOOYAH! No She-Ra figures but I thought my cousin's were cool so I always suggested we play with them when I was a kid. I was a freak, huh? lol