Is He an Idiot? Snorks Edition

Toyriffic is launching a new cooperative effort with (EDIT: the now defunct) 'Is It Fun?' wherein Wes and I both look at a single subject and give point/counterpoint on the topic. If we agree that something is cool/lame/whatever, then all is good, but if Wes disagrees with my perspective then I am forced to call him an idiot.

Oh yeah, and vice-versa.

This idea began serendipitously when Wes called out the GoBots and I was forced to school him on the intricacies of transforming robots. This time we do it on purpose, with our first topic: The Snorks!

No discussion about the Snorks can begin without first looking at the Smurfs. A highly successful political and social Belgian high concept satire, the Smurfs came to America in full force in the early eighties, first with a successful Hanna-Barbera cartoon and then later with a cereal. Oh yeah they made some toys too. Maybe you had one or two of them.

So the success of the Smurfs meant the Saturday Morning Cabal needed something sure-fire to fill another half hour. And your cereal bowl. And your toybox.

They went back to Belgium; not for the waffles or for Jean-Claude Van Damme (although I suspect he may have stowed away in their luggage and that's how he got here,) but with the Snorks. Basically, a Snork is what happens if you try to drown a Smurf. They don't turn blue, they are already blue, so they turn all sorts of other colors. And they lose their noses. And they lose their hats. I suspect the snorkel was already under there.

What can I say, the cartoon wasn't an emmy winner. The toys (were there Snork toys?..

I guess there were) came and went faster than a wave of DC Universe Classics figures. And the cereal? They didn't get a cereal.

But did I like them as a kid? Yes I did. I watched the Snorks every Saturday that they aired. All three of them. But I didn't have the toys. And If I was on a Snork cereal diet I would have starved to death (thank God for Smurfberry Crunch!)

Okay enough Snork talk. Is Wes an Idiot?

Let me check 'Is It Fun?' and see if he likes Snorks or not. Come with me!

I'm back. Looks like Wes gave them a "Meh." No, I can't argue with a "Meh" rating for the Snorks. Although I would rate them a bit higher, I can't argue with a blase attitude for these tube topped "also swams."

So what do you think? (About the Snorks, not the girl, silly!)

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  1. I really thought I was going to rate the Snorks lower, but then I heard their theme song again. Damn that theme song! Get it out of my head! Hehe. No idiots this time around.. next round is on you, my good man. =)

  2. Hey Snorks! I totally forgotten about them until I read your post! They even has toys? That is my first time I ever seen one snork toys. And if my memories serve me well, I like them. LOL

  3. Never was big on the Snorks i always looked at them as second-rate Smurfs and i just didn't enjoy there cartoon as much.

  4. I hated the Snorks from day one. I, being a dyed-in-the-wool Smurf fan, took one look at them and wrote them off as transparent knock-offs and never looked back. I tried watching the cartoon, and my cousin had some Snork toys, but I wouldn't have anything to do with them.

    So there.

  5. Man, they were Snork-tastic! I first encountered the Snorks when I was an adult, (don't ask), and taped all the episodes when TNT rebroadcast them in the '90's. There was just something about them that was fun; escapism maybe. That theme song of theirs WILL get in your head and stay there if you're not careful! Oh, and: