They say it's your Smurfday, well it's my Smurfday too yeah!

I recently mentioned to Reis of Geek Orthodox that I still hadn't gotten a Gargamel and Azrael set from the recent Jakks Pacific Smurf figure releases.

In response, Reis bombed me with a ton of Smurfs and even a mushroom house! But most importantly, he included Gargamel and Azrael!

These guys are insanely out of scale to, well, anything and everything - including each other! But they are very on-model to their cartoon counterparts, so who's complaining?

Papa Smurf was also included in the batch Reis sent me! Yay! It's like getting Optimus Prime and Megatron in one set; I've got both faction leaders now!

Reis sent me so many Smurfs, in fact, that I just had to share the wealth. My youngest daughter already had the mushroom house shown on the right, so of course I gave the mushroom house that Reis gave me (on the left,) to my older daughter.

I think the one Reis sent me was Papa's house. The one on the right is Smurfette's.

Reis also sent a Smurfette and a Tracker Smurf. I already had Tracker, so I gave each daughter one, and since my youngest already had Smurfette the oldest got the spare. Gotta keep things fair ;)

At about the same time I was drowning in Reis' Smurf bomb, Leon of Open the Toy sent me an email asking to keep my eyes peeled for any Smurfs I could find for him, because he was having trouble finding them in Singapore.

I decided that he would love all those extra Smurfs more than we could here, so I packed what was left and shipped them overseas! The Smurfs look very happy in their new home too!

Thanks again to Reis who started this whole Smurf exchange. Sharing makes me feel all Smurfy inside.


  1. Me and my wife saw these at Toys R Us one day and thought they were pretty cool.

  2. Thanks Bro for the toys. The playset look great!

  3. Yaaaayyyyy! Spreading the Smurf love! I can't tell you how happy it makes me that you got to share the Smurfs with your daughters and Leon. This is what being a toy collector is all about. :)

    Glad you liked them, mi amigo!