And I think to myself, what a Wun-Dar-ful world!

As a previous owner of an actual honest to God Wonderbread (or Savage) He-Man, the announcement that Mattel was going to recreate the infamous "dark" Master in their MOTUC line really pleased me. The fact that I had to sign up for the 2010 subscription to get him? Not so much.

But whaddyagonnado? Gotta feed my Frankenstein.

So I signed up. And here he is in all his glory, Wun-Dar (as he is known in the MOTU Classics mythos.)

Buried in the sands of time, or in some Mattel lawyer's file cabinet under "silence orders," the true reason behind a dark haired, black clad He-Man may never be known. What I can give a 100% Toyriffic guarantee to is the fact that an original figure with this coloration did exist.

Appropriately, the one I owned also had the black Zodac armor. So while there is infighting between MOTU fans and "experts" as to whether or not this was the case with the original mysterious release, it's here on Wun-Dar and that makes me happy.

Wun-Dar comes with a sword and a Zodac type gun as well. Both in black and silver. Wun-Dar digs the Raiders.

Since I didn't get into MOTUC until this year, Wun-Dar is (so far) the only He-Man I have. Which is fine by me! Of course I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the undeniable Conan vibe this guy gives off.

Even though he's the same exact figure, Wun-Dar seems a lot more of a badass than the blonde He-Man.

In addition to his sword and gun (and black Zodac armor,) Wun-Dar also comes with a loaf of bread (a nod to his Wonderbread legend) and his very own"half" sword reminiscent of the swords of the original line.

"I have the Wun-Daaaaarrrrrr!!!!!!"


  1. A handsome figure. Way better than the old ones.

  2. I somehow managed to avoid knowing about Wun-Dar until a few months ago, and was fascinated by the entire story. Awesome of Mattel to give a nod to the legend with the subscription figure, definitely. I've heard the power sword is just fantastic in that color scheme.

  3. Very cool Bubba but can i ask how much a sub cost you on MattyCollector.Com?