Harley Qwednesday :: Gotham Public Works

One of the best Harley Quinn Cosplayers around is this gal, from the Gotham Public Works team of Heroes and Ne'er-do-wells.

I've never seen these folks in person, but from the tons of images of them on their website and elsewhere online I can tell that their costumes are spot on; especially Harley's!

And obviously they know how to play to their characters' strengths!

Uh oh - Harley's getting angry! Think happy thoughts, Harley, murder, arson, Seinfeld re-runs!

The fun thing (I imagine) about playing Harley is that she has so much personality and character that transcends her costume/standard visual look. I mean, it'd be tough to pull off a cosplay Catwoman in a bathing suit, or a cosplay Huntress in a bikini, (although I am sure someone somewhere has tried,) but this "Harley Quinn at the beach" number is absolutely perfect, tasteful and still 100% in character. I can just see the beach-blanket-death-trap set for Batman and Robin now: "Hey Batman, what do you call a bucket-full of your little birdy friend? Chum! HA!"

Then Batman would water-ski in behind the bat-boat, jump the shark, grab Robin and save the day!


Be sure to check out all the brilliant folks who make up Gotham Public Works at their website, and become their fan on Facebook too! But spend more time on Harley's pics, at least until Harley Qwednesday is over.

Shades of domino mask in repose.


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