Megatron who?

Megatron may be the best known robot who transforms into a gun, but he's not the only one:

I don't know anything about this guy. EDIT: I was lazy when I wrote this, but just took a minute to Google for this guy and apparently his name is Cap Pistol (original, I know.)

He's clearly branded as a Gobot and I know he's legit, but he's nothing like any of the better known Gobots of yesteryear. All plastic and super low-rent, the only marks I can find on him is 'Made in Hong Kong' inside one of his legs. *edit I take that back, it says 'Arco' in his left armpit.

He looks like he's wearing a dapper red cap over his hair and sideburns. Get it? a red cap - Cap Pistol! Hahaha them dudes at GoBots were cleverer(er er er) than I thought! /sarcasm

His face is just a decal, so I imagine that part of him takes a beating over the decades. I am surprised I found him in such good shape at the (you guessed it) swap meet.

Unlike Megatron who transforms into a realistic Walther P-38, Cap Pistol transforms into a spiffy space gun ala Flash Gordon. PEW PEW PEW! Take that Ming!

And he's a real working cap gun too. Fun!

This guy is super kooky and I'm glad I have him now, although I probably would have thought he was the lamest toy ever back in my Gobot collecting youth.


  1. Ha Ha :D That IS fun!
    that face & hat made me laugh :D

  2. I so had that figure and totally forgot about it! Now I need one.

  3. This guy is definitely a toy and a ton of fun, SDTB!

    Glad to spark the memory Ben, now go get a Gobot gun, son!

  4. I remember having one like this years back but he seemed much larger and had double barrels. I like this one you have better you have Bubba. : )

  5. You should check this link Jboy, I bet the one you had is one of those: http://www.toyarchive.com/Gobots/Arco/ArcoBots.html

  6. Ro-Gun! That was the one i remember having around the house. Thanks for the link Bubba i just bookmarked it too for future use. : )

  7. I used to have this guy as well. Brings back memories!