I Like Turtles!

I picked this Raphael up from the swap meet a few weeks back for a couple reasons...

First off, Raphael is probably my favorite of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I like his anger infused, no BS New Yorker attitude.

Second, the red bandanna and relatively nondescript design of this more modern turtle figure (unlike the original TMNT toys, there is no 'R' on Raph's belt and his knee pads and elbow pads are a generic brown, ) means he's more of a throwback to the original Eastman and Laird turtle designs, and could be imagined to be any one of the four.

This Raphael figure is marked '2003' on the base of his foot and was made by Playmates.

I know the toy company NECA released some very 'original comic' accurate TMNT figures but I haven't gotten one yet, so until then this Raph is a pretty close approximation of their original look and fits nicely in my hodgepodge collection of second-hand TMNT toys.


  1. I like the the Turtles too and i might be getting a couple more soon. : )

  2. I love them! grow up with the animations and the movies!

  3. This look better than NECA version of the Turtles actually. :P

  4. It's a 2003 playmates? I thought they had stopped producing the line by then? Is it based on the the classic show or the revival?

  5. Yes Onigaijan, it's a Playmates released in 2003. But I don't know anything more about this specific figure.

    I do know Playmates was releasing a lot of new toys around 2003 in conjunction with the more recent cartoon.