LEGO Minifigures Series 15 Cat Burglar and Friends

What a bunch of pussies!

LEGO Series 15 minifigures are hitting retail now. There are a bunch of fun and clever additions to the blind bagged lineup this time out, but only one that I couldn't live without: The Cat Burglar!

I really wanted the Cat Burglar because she makes a great Catwoman goon as well as an alternate version of Catwoman herself.

Cat Burglar comes with a grapple hook and a diamond. I used the 'squeeze method' to find her (as usual), and I recommend if you employ this tactic that you feel for that diamond. It's pretty easy to shake it into a corner and feel for it's unique size and shape.

Cat Burglar's torso and legs are printed (front only) with plenty of neat detail, but it can be hard to see in certain light as it is dark blue printed on black plastic. She has only one face printed on her head, a missed opportunity for another expression for this cute domino-masked character, but the expression we do get does give her the look of a classic TV Catwoman...

...or a LEGO Tina Fey. Seriously, even the hair works for Tina - this minifigure is crying out to be made into a Tina Fey MOC!

Cat Burglar fits in well with LEGO Catwoman and her other minions I've amassed. I even have a LEGO Isis, snagged from the Series 14 Witch.

The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman is actually a bootLEGO...

...and the Tigress was recently released as part of the Series 14 Halloween themed wave.

Of course there's also Catwoman herself, which is actually LEGO's second Catwoman, released in 2012. I didn't collect LEGO when the slightly different first Catwoman came out in 2006. But at least I have this one!

While I doubt I will be able to afford/have space for the '66 Batman Wayne Manor/Batcave set, I will await the inevitable bootLEGO release of the '66 Catwoman, which seems pretty likely, and add her in with my four feline felons. And Isis.



  1. I like your little group. That Jewel Thief is definitely on my Series 15 list.
    There's a sixth Catwoman in the DC Mighty Micro racer sets (releasing in March), which are basically chibified cartoony minifigures in small vehicles.


    1. Oh yeah, I'm going to be getting some of those - especially the Batman themed sets!