Action League POW!

Today is my birthday, but since I won't see most of my family until Thanksgiving, I haven't much new swag to brag about (although I did get an epic Batman coffee mug, a JLA magnet and some superhero pins from my oldest daughter! Woot woot!)

But a stop at Big Lots today revealed some Batman: The Brave and the Bold Action League single packs, and I bought one for myself. Happy Birthday to me:

This Batman is clearly inspired by the Michael Keaton movie costume, which is irresistible to me because that's when my Batmania hit fever pitch.

Big Lots also had Batman in this same color scheme with a re-breather on his face (for underwater adventures) and a Plastic Man in Plas' normal colors. The pegs were full of a ton of each of the three, so I assume those are the only ones in the series that's hitting Big Lots but who knows.

I only grabbed this one, but will likely go back for the others soon. They are fun solid little toys and cute as all get-out. I don't know if this Bat figure in this color scheme is a new repaint or if he appeared in any set thus far (I haven't bought any of these Action League figures until now,) but he was only $2.80 so I consider it a pretty good deal for a cool little Batman!


  1. Happy Birthday Bubba! And i will be hitting up Big Lots this week to see if we got any of those at mine for that price you can't pass them up. : )

  2. i'd better get over there tomorrow!

  3. Happy Birthday! And look at you giving on your birthday....Big Lots here I come!

  4. Happy birthday mate! And yes, that's a repaint from a previously released Batman with Bat-Jetpack in The Brave and the Bold colors (blue and gray).

  5. Hey Happy Birthday Dolly Hater!

    That BAtman is too sweet, I guess I am going to have to hit a Big Lots this weekend, I too am a sucker for the Keaton Batmans!

  6. Chunky B doesn't need any more Batman figures. Just sayin'.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBBASHELBY! I've got a bunch of dollies to send to you. ;)

  7. Thanks all for the birthday wishes :)

    good luck on your bat hunts!

  8. Doh! ... always late to the party. I hope you had a great birthday Bubba!

  9. No Action League figures at my Big Lots but i did spot some GI Joe type of ones like the Batman one you got but i passed on them for now.