Sixy Beast

My only real exposure to Spiral has been the Marvel vs. Capcom video game from years ago.

I'm not as big of a Marvel guy as I am a DC guy so I really don't know anything else about her, except that she looks so damn cool!

A six armed multiple sword wielding assassin. What's not to love?

Spiral was released a couple years ago as part of a Target exclusive Red Hulk 'Build-a-figure' series. I would have gotten her when she was on the shelves, but I never saw her at all. I did get Silver Savage at the time, however, which the one I wanted the most.

So when I found her at the swap meet recently mint on card, for only $5, I snagged her up like a six-armed woman grabbing pumps at a shoe sale!

Spiral came with two swords and a sheathed (non-removable) sword that hangs over her shoulder.

Her helmet is also removable. Helmet hair!

Spiral is a fun toy, with six fully articulated arms and two swords, she's tons of fun to pose and a visually unique addition to any superhero display.


  1. Wow- very cool! ...need to meet a girl like that :D

  2. Nice one Bubba! I love seeing all these awesome toys you find at swap meets. This is one thing that both Ebay and Amazon lack, the stumbling onto some "treasure" hidden away in a stack of old boxes. You have no idea how envious I am that you can do that :D

  3. Hah yes SDTB - there were a ton of 'dating a six armed chick' jokes floating in my head when I wrote this but I decided to steer clear of those lest they get out of control ;)

    Thanks Onigaijan - the 'stumbled on' (and the 'cheap') are definitely the greatest part of swap meet/garage sale hunting!

  4. The sculp on her is really nice i bet she looks sweet on your toyshelf Bubba.