NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo :: Turtle Power!

Another sweet swap meet find was this NECA manufactured Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Released back in 2008, this series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures recreated the original comic book look of the four turtles.

Originally they all had red masks. Actually, they were all in black and white - at least inside the comics - in that case I guess this guy represents one of the early covers.

Unfortunately he is missing all his accessories. The only way I knew he was Leonardo is that his belt has a gap in back to hold his sword sheaths (also missing.)

But he only cost me $2, so I'm fine with the missing accessories. Otherwise Leonardo is in perfect condition and displays quite well.

Here's a nice red masked 'evolution' line-up - an original 1988 soft-headed Raphael, a Raphael from 2003, and NECA's Leo. Too cool!


  1. artistically, he's much more detailed/gritty

  2. the way the turtles looked in the comics was always weird to me. I knew of the comics from flipping through them at the comic stores a kid but they looked totally different from what I watched on the cartoon on TV. The CGI film back in '07 actually had a really nice set of figures. I have Michaelangelo and Donatello from that set.

  3. Very detailed and gritty - I like how they tried to catch the essence of the inked art from the early comics!

    I agree Jay, this guy looks real 'weird' next to his more socially acceptable toy counterparts.

    The CGI movie was excellent - I don't have any toys from it though. May need to rectify that soon.

  4. Been keeping my eye out for these "gritty" version of Turtles after i learned about them. I haven't found any yet but the hunt keeps on lol. Congrats on your awesome find Bubba.

  5. At first I was thinking: "why would you buy that with no accessories?"

    But at $2? I'd buy 4 of him. Lol.

    Great buy man!