Harley Qhursday :: Special Announcement

This is a 'Special Announcement' Harley Qhursday post. I can do that, see, because I'm in charge around here, see. Got it? Good.

Alright people, my favorite real life Harley Quinn has asked me to ask you for some help, and you're gonna help her, see? (For some reason I am writing this and hearing Edward G. Robinson in my head. Now so are you.)

Elise Archer (the subject of our first Harley '20 Question' Qwednesday) is entered in a contest at TopGeek to win a pass to the 2011 San Diego Comic Con, and she needs your votes to win! Click here and vote for her NOW!

I am asking you to do this for her. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that by winning, it will bring Elise (aka Harley Quinn) from Australia over oceans and plains, over mountains and rivers, over hill and dale, thousands and thousands of miles to the beautiful state of California.

A state that by mere chance and coincidence is also the state within which I reside.

My motives here are purely altruistic. Do not question them. Just vote for Elise. Vote now. Vote often. Ask your parents and kids and grandparents and neighbors and inmate penpals to do the same.

It's for Elise, see?