Green (Hornet) with Envy

I try to avoid paying too close attention to fast food toys, because inevitably I find out something awesome is available and then become a little too neurotic about getting them, which in turn has me questioning my sanity as well as my claim to the label 'adult' as I go into every restaurant from Santa Cruz to Santa Maria for weeks looking for some cheap toy meant to market a movie or cartoon to five year olds as they consume french fries and coca-cola.

But thanks to Jay over at The Sexy Armpit, I discovered that Carl's Jr. was selling some pretty righteous looking Green Hornet toys. Ironic, because there are no Carl's Jr.s in New Jersey. There are however tons of them here in California.

Green Hornet is a superhero I dig and a new movie I enjoyed, and it isn't a property that has been heavily marketed in toy form in my time, so of course I had to have those toys!

Now here's where I brag and show off a little. You see, I wasn't able to get all the toys myself. I tried my local Carl's Jr. but they only had Black Beauty. A little pull-back number that of course I bought.

So I mentioned my failure to procure the entire set in passing to the girl I had seen the Green Hornet movie with. A gorgeous redhead who was not quite yet my girlfriend. Just a funny little 'yes I'm a toy dork and to prove it I tried to buy fast food toys, but I didn't get them all, oh well whadyagonnado' type story.

So what does she do? Completely unprompted and of her own volition, she finds a Carl's Jr. when in a town a few miles away and buys all the rest of the toys for me! And does so right before another toy dork walks in trying to buy two complete sets. That guy was sniped and had to walk out without a second Kato! Hahahaa!

Yeah, she's my girlfriend now.

Okay, back to the toys:

Aw yeah Kato and Green Hornet action figures! These guys are actually pretty great.

Simple enough to not be a Seth Rogen action figure, (because good god who would want one of those?) Green Hornet is a pretty sweet fedora-and-suit clad pulp hero figure.

And his chauffer/sidekick Kato looks dapper in his motoring cap.

Finally, the series included this Green Hornet mask! This was originally the one piece I was most excited about, but the rest of the toys turned out to be pretty cool as well. Not bad for toys of a relatively obscure character from a movie with the potential to be a huge flop sold at a fast food restaurant that is only found in the western US! And take heed, toy nerds; because if I can put that stupid thing on my face and still get the girl, there is hope for all of you.

Oh yeah, before I knew about the kids meal toys, I did buy this Black Beauty keychain from Carl's Jr. a month or so ago. Because a Chrysler Imperial with machine guns on the front fenders is always a cool thing.


  1. Damn! i dunno, Bubba- i can't seem to get the girl. But it IS a cool story that YOU did! :D
    ...nice pic w/the mask, LOL!

  2. K, in Vietnam we only have like 3 fast food franchises, and one of those HAPPENS to be a Carl's Jr. Guess where i'm going tomorrow :D

  3. Thanks for the link man! Haha, great story! I'm thinking of doing a giveaway as Carls Jr was nice enough to provide me with a set after I wrote some nasty comments about them not being on the east coast! lol. She's a KEEPER btw!

  4. Dang Eric you got the Girl and the Toys! You sir are awesome. : )

  5. cool... Now where can I get them here in Malaysia.... Hmmmm...

  6. AWESOMENESS TIMES A GAZILLION! Both about the toys and about you having a new girlfriend. ;)

    I'm off to eBay! (Sadly, there are no Carl's Jr. restaurants in Seattle)