Harley Qwednesday :: "Screw Spider-Man - I wanna new costume too!"

I recently discovered this new blog called 'Superhero of the Month.' Each month they invite folks to redesign a superhero's famous costume. This month they are calling for redesigns of our favorite girl in black (and red) Harley Quinn!

I of course submitted my favorite personal Harley Quinn redesign, Harley as I envision she would look were she to appear in the current Nolanverse of the silver screen:

So keep your eyes on Superhero of the Month all month to see my awesome submission as well as some others that are probably equally neato. Because you can never have too much Harley Quinn!


  1. I'm getting a very Charlie Manson-ish vibe from that costume and I'm digging it. Good job BubbaShelly!

  2. Thanks Onigaijan. Yes, there's probably a little Manson influence here too - you'd have to be that level of crazy to be in love with the Nolan/Ledger Joker!

  3. I love it Bubba and who do you think would play her in the Nolan movies?

    Maybe Sherri Moon Zombie perhaps but she might be too curvy and tall.