Hulk Smash Puny Skeletor!

The other Marvel Universe figure I bought myself for Christmas is this World War Hulk:

I absolutely love this version of the Incredible Hulk. The comic story was cool of course, but just the general concept of a barbarian themed Incredible Hulk is something to behold. I can imagine this guy appearing in some sort of Masters of the Universe/Marvel crossover or something.

Not only did Hasbro go all out for this guy by making him an all new sculpt (instead of just adding some accessories to an existing Hulk mold), but they gave him a shoulder armor/sword scabbard, a shield, a sword...

...and a battle axe!

Unfortunately Hulk's hands are sculpted too wide opened to properly hold his weapons, but all things considered that's a pretty small issue for such an exceptional toy.

I like the Hulk, but there are only so many pairs of purple pants in the world, so it's pretty fun to have him in this get-up.

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