Slush Head

When Mattel attempted to re-vamp He-Man and the Masters of the Universe at the end of the eighties I completely ignored the toyline. Primarily because I was too old for He-Man, focusing my toy collecting on all the cool new Batman movie stuff coming out. But also because of the stupid new direction the toyline took, giving He-Man and his pals more of a Buck Rogers/Star Wars type space theme and much less of the savage barbarian concept we had all grown up with.

Had I payed more attention however I may have picked up a couple of the cool looking villains in the line, including this guy named Slush Head aka Kalamarr.

I love that this guy has actual liquid in his helmet. A sort of reverse scuba suit, or more accurately a Scawba (Self Contained Above Water Breathing Apparatus) maybe?

And not only is his helmet full of liquid, but his head actually turns too! Keen.

I found this guy at the swap meet sans accessories. But for fifty cents, I couldn't pass him up. He's a little roughed up, but his helmet is still full of whatever carcinogenic poison Mattel pumped in there over twenty years ago, so that's cool.


  1. Just awesome Bubba i have yet to run across any New Adventures He-Man toys yet.

  2. Really cool toy! Mattel HAVE to create a new one in MOTU Classics line!!!!!

  3. So, did you pick up the new figure?
    If not he has been going for pretty cheap on ebay (I've seen several sell for under $25, that's including shipping).

    1. I didn't but I admit I was tempted. Optikk is one of my MOTUC faves, so I'll probably cave someday!