Zatanna the Magician in: Kill or be Killed!

In honor of The Other Side's newest feature: 'Zatannurday' - a weekly celebration of all things Zatanna, (inspired in part by yours truly's weekly Harley Qwednesday) I am posting in it's entirety this great little seven page Zatanna back-up story by Len Wein and Gray Morrow entitled Kill -- or be Killed!

Pretty cool story for just a seven page back-up! And even Zatara makes an appearance. Great art by Gray Morrow too!

I found this story in the back of Adventure Comics 415, cover dated Feb. 1972. A fun Supergirl comic I picked up at the swap meet for cheap!

Because, damn, if that ain't the type of cover that makes you want to buy the book, I don't know what is!

Keep your eyes on The Other Side every Zatannurday for more from the world's greatest (or at least the world's hottest-in-fishnets) magician!


  1. A book like that helps make my arguments that comic book readers should take the 3 bucks they might spend on a new book, and hit a swap meet, quarter bin or some similar source and find something so much more enjoyable!

  2. i can agree w/MOCK! i've found some fun secondhand stuff
    those are great!