Harley Qwednesday :: SuperVILLAIN of the Month

Just in time for Harley Qwednesday, the first batch of entries in the Harley Quinn costume redesign contest are up at Superhero of the Month

There are some real fun designs so far - Go check them out!

In other news: For those following along on Chunky B's 28 Day Challenge and my involvement therein, I have still not purchased any toys this month. However I did dream last night that my daughter and I discovered a new, previously unknown Toys R Us nearby that was selling a bunch of opened merchandise for about half price.

And guess what? I didn't even buy anything in my dream! But it was more because the toys were overpriced for what they were (loose, incomplete Transformers for about $2.75) and not because of any 28 day challenge.

But it still counts!

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